About Me

I'm a business professional with strong information technology skills.

I have over 10 years of experience working for media and technology companies. I started my career in finance and business development. Post-Grad, I switched to marketing and did growth-oriented marketing for startups. My focuses were user acquisition and conversion optimization.

The technical side of marketing inspired me to study design and web development. In mid-2015, I started teaching myself UX design, UI Design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript after work. A few months later, I decided to become a frontend developer.

To speed up my transition, I took a sabbatical for most of 2016 to study design and web technology full time. Besides teaching myself, I completed a full-time web development boot camp. In October, I started applying for frontend development jobs. A month later I landed my first frontend job at IBM iX.

After ~5 years in frontend engineering, I decided to make a lateral move into product management to focus my energy on aligning people and driving business outcomes.

Currently, I'm a product manager at Staffbase, which is a leading communications platform for businesses. My group is building Staffbase's external communications solution. Specifically, my team is responsible for the social media component of the overall external communications offer

I earned an MBA from EDHEC Business School in France. I also hold a B.S. in Business Administration, with an emphasis on finance, from California State University, Los Angeles. And I'm a Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI - ACP) certificate holder.

In my free time, I like to read, write, cycle, take pictures, travel, and socialize with misfits.

Technical Skills

1 - HTML
2 - CSS / SCSS / Styled Components
3 - JavaScript
4 - TypeScript
5 - React
6 - Node + Express
7 - SQL


SEP 2024 - Present
Product Manager

Staffbase is a leading communications platform for businesses. My group is building Staffbase's external communications solution. Specifically, my team is responsible for the social media component of the overall external communications offer.

JUN 2022 - AUG 2023
Product Lead

Responsible for the B2C side of a SaaS recruiting solution and marketplace for blue-collar talent. Making sure blue-collar job applicants have delightful application experiences that lead to job offers.

JAN 2021 - APR 2022
Frontend Developer

Developed modular, accessible, features for modern React (16.8+) apps using JSX, Styled Components, and JavaScript (ES6+). Upgraded a client-side application's API consumption from v2 to v3. The upgrade improved DX and code quality. Maintained Aroundkit, the company's design system. Set up A/B tests. Experiment learning led to higher conversion rates. Championed the introduction of Mob Programming and organized a successful test session.

MAR 2020 - NOV 2020
Level Up and Launch
Study Sabbatical

Planned to take two months off to level up my React skills and then get a job working on a SPA full time. Extended my time off due to COVID-19. Besides React, I taught myself TypeScript, Node + Express, MySQL, TDD, npm scripting, and project configuration.

NOV 2016 - MAR 2020
Frontend Developer

Collaborated with designers, developers, TPMs, and POs to solve problems for Airbus, Hyundai, Swiss Pearl, Baloise, and Auswärtiges Amt. Developed modular, accessible, features for web apps using HTML5, SCSS, and modern JavaScript (ES6+). Presented features to clients and other stakeholders during sprint reviews.

NOV 2015 - AUG 2016
Career Foundry
Study Sabbatical

Took 11 months off to teach myself how to code. Completed a three-month, full-time, coding boot camp at Career Foundry covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Ruby on Rails. Built a responsive, interactive, portfolio website using Bootstrap. Built an e-commerce site using Ruby on Rails.

MAR 2015 - NOV 2015
Account Manager

Created media plans for Nokia (HERE), Bild, Viewster, and Aeria Games. Managed branding, direct response, and re-targeting campaigns. Prepared post-campaign reports that quantified ROI for clients.

MAR 2014 - JAN 2015
Head of Online Marketing

Responsible for digital marketing strategy and conversion optimization. Led a team that increased the overall conversion rate by 300% in four months. Rebuilt the paid marketing setup from scratch (Facebook, Adwords, Google Analytics).

JAN 2013 - SEP 2014
Bonial International Group
Mobile Marketing Manager

Launched the U.S. shopping app, Retale, in late 2013. Built the entire mobile marketing setup from scratch with one other person. Managed mobile advertising campaigns across a diverse range of user-acquisition channels including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Bing, and a host of ad networks.

SEP 2012 - SEP 2013
Account Manager

Sourced external sales leads via networking and desk research with a focus on performance advertisers. Assessed reach and negotiated pricing (CPM, CPC, CPI) for mobile advertising campaigns (standard banner, rich media, and video) with new and existing clients. Managed campaigns from IO to final billing. Successfully grew revenue from several accounts by 100% or more.

May 2012 - JUL 2012
Hydra Digital Holdings
Business Development Consultant

Evaluated the global "Smart TV" industry, which included an analysis of key players, products, and technologies. The report was used to brief prospective investors and shortlist potential strategic partners. Analyzed historical sales data, market research reports, and macroeconomic data to forecast "Smart TV" sales and installed base through 2022. The forecast was an integral part of the firm's pitch to potential investors.

SEP 2011 - JUL 2012
EDHEC Business School

Completed an intensive international MBA program based in Nice, France. Went on study trips to the UK (London) and South Africa (Cape Town). Led a team of six MBA candidates through a business plan competition; pitched Sophia Antipolis VCs. Mentored peers seeking career changes into corporate finance.

JUN 2010 - JUN 2011
Confecciones Gold Medal
Productivity Consultant

Designed the UX and performance reporting functionality of the company’s proprietary order tracking system. The system passed client audits required for the initiation of a key strategic partnership. Revamped cash budgeting and forecasting procedures. Extended the firm's cash planning horizon from one month to several months, which allowed the firm to slash interest expenses related to short-term borrowings.

JAN 2009 - JUN 2010
Digital Domain
Financial Analyst

Coordinated all planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes. Worked closely with line managers to develop realistic revenue and cost projections for their units. Assessed the internal and external business environments and each business unit's historical performance. Prioritized key risks and opportunities. Presented findings to the VP of Finance and the CFO. Produced the financial plans for the expansion of the firms operating facilities into Canada and the launch of the firm's "Mothership" business unit. Both projects were successfully launched in 2010.

AUG 2007 - DEC 2007
Marketing Coordinator

Coordinated media planning, media buying, and administration activities related to the marketing of widely released feature films (e.g. Rambo, Saw IV, The Eye, Why Did I Get Married?). Monitored, analyzed, and adjusted theatrical marketing budgets for 20+ feature films.

MAR 2007 - AUG 2007
Trust Company of The West (TCW)
Credit Mortgage Group Intern

Assisted CDO specialists conducting monthly surveillance of 200+ CDO holdings by collecting and analyzing data from various trustee and manager websites. Created ad hoc reports utilizing various rating agencies’ data sources and major investment banks’ research resources. Maintained an Access database of weekly trading data.

SEP 2005 - AUG 2007
California State University, Los Angeles
BS Business Administration

Conducted self-directed research on fixed-income securities, specifically CDOs, CLOs, and other credit derivatives. Self-directed research included working one on one with a professor who was formerly the Chief Investment Officer of Payden and Rygel and completing an internship on the CDO desk of Trust Company of the West (TCW). Earned a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and security analysis.

Early 2000s
Santa Barbara

Moved to Santa Barbara. Took a bunch of classes at Santa Barbara City College to figure out what I wanted to do. Continued partying like it was 1999. Inadvertently earned Associate's degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Liberal Studies. Moved to Los Angeles to study finance.

The 90's
San Francisco Bay Area

Grew up in the East Bay. Played American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and ran track (I was a sprinter). Worked a bunch of retail jobs. Partied like it was 1999. Was elected "Biggest Party Animal" by my class for our Senior Year yearbook. Somehow graduated high school. Had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.

How I Can Help

Product Management

Frontend Development

UX Design

Customer Development

Growth Marketing

Corporate Finance